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by Learning Hub - Monday, 18 March 2019, 11:54 AM
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Lisa Olson came all the way over from San Diego in America to attend our seminar on Tactile Graphics and Tactile Book Making, which we hosted at the Royal Blind School last month.

Lisa has kindly reflected on her experience and you can read it below:

Reflections on My Experience With the Royal Blind Learning Hub

Lisa Olson smiles at the camera with a sign pointing to the Royal Blind School in the background

I am so happy to have discovered the Royal Blind Learning Hub. In my current pursuit to learn as much as I can about best practices for supporting and empowering students who are blind or partially sighted, I have found your standout collection of resources to be of great help. Bravo to the Royal Blind team for your noble work--and with your web presence, the information you share now has a global reach! (You reached me across the Atlantic in San Diego! And it is clear your efforts can make a positive difference for students, educators, and advocates for the blind in other parts of the world as well.)

Thank you also for hosting the face-to-face teacher training seminars at the Royal Blind School campus in Edinburgh. Visiting your school in person, and participating in the Tactile Graphics seminar, was an invaluable experience for me. I am grateful for numerous worthwhile takeaways, including: new insights into tactile graphics theory and strong literacy development; new ideas for creating meaningful and effective multi-sensory learning resources collections; more exposure to state-of-the-art tactile graphics production options and technologies; and the opportunity (and privilege!) to meet and learn from Royal Blind staff and other Teachers of Vision Impairment from schools throughout Scotland.

As a college reference librarian, I currently work with post-secondary students in a large public community college system in San Diego, California. My visit to the Royal Blind School contributed greatly to my latest professional development goal of learning more about how I can most effectively advocate for our blind students' needs at the college level ... and how I can help break down barriers still encountered by blind students who are transitioning into the college experience.

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