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by Learning Hub - Wednesday, 26 June 2019, 2:19 PM
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Marg Griffin came all the way over from Tasmania, Australia to attend our seminar on Vision Impairment & Autism Spectrum Disorder: Communication & Learning, which we hosted at the Royal Blind School last month.

Marg, who is State Coordinator for Vision Services in the Tasmanian Government Department of Education, has kindly reflected on her experience, and you can read her thoughts below.

In early May I visited the Royal Blind School Edinburgh to attend the PL course “Vision Impairment & Autism Spectrum Disorder: Communication & Learning”. The course was delivered by Nicola Traynor, Clare Mackenzie (Occupational Therapists with the Royal Blind School), and Heather Robertson( Speech and Language Therapist). Clare, Nicola and Heather provided a comprehensive course; they generously shared their professional knowledge and experience. It was evident that they drew upon current research and “hands on experience” of working with students with complex learning needs. I was warmly welcomed and grateful for the opportunity to establish links with their excellent service.

After the course I visited the Royal Blind School Independent Living residence. The facility offers a range of boarding arrangements for students with vision impairment. It was exciting to see the way in which this residence caters for diverse needs, has highly trained staff and a commitment to developing each young person’s personal independence.

Finally I spent time with Sally Paterson who shared information on the Royal Blind Learning Hub. Our Service has already benefited from the excellent on-line resources which are available via the Learning Hub. So it was such a lovely opportunity to talk with Sally. I am thankful that we can link in to these high quality resources and materials Indeed a continent away the Scottish Learning Hub is a valued learning tool promoting inclusive practices and understanding of the unique learning needs of students who are blind or have low vision.

My thanks to all the team from the Royal Blind School and Learning Hub.

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