Assistive Technology

Teachers and pupils are already using technology in the classroom, but how can its potential be harnessed to benefit teaching blind or partially sighted students?

In these screencast videos Lewis, who has a vision impairment,  shows you how to use keyboard shortcuts and the JAWS screen reader to find and open a Word document, and find and play a video on YouTube.

Resource developed by Jeffrey Levin, ICT teacher Royal Blind School

A screen reader is a software application that can be installed on a PC to assist blind and partially sighted users. At the Royal Blind school teachers and pupils use the JAWS screen reader. Read our guides to getting started with the JAWS screen reader.

A slant (or sloping) board helps to provide a better working angle for pupils with vision impairment.

Learn more about sloping boards and how they are used with this interactive resource.

Watch the video clips to learn how Angus uses technology and braille at school to help him in his studies.

Resource developed by Additional Support for Learning, Alice Mountford.