Teaching Subjects / Music

Musical instruments: keyboard, two guitars and a drum

Resource developed by Louisa Rose Maddison

The following resource is designed to give a brief overview of issues that should be taken into consideration when teaching music to the blind or partially sighted. It is primarily written for the use of mainstream music teachers working with vision impaired pupils.

A tactile rhythm grid with a 8 bars of music and 4 rows for 4 different instruments parts

Presented by Louisa Rose Maddison | 15 minutes

How do you teach blind or partially sighted young people about musical notation? In this screencast you will be introduced to Tactile Graphic Scoring, which is an excellent activity for students of all ages and abilities.

Graphic scoring can be used with students who already have a knowledge of musical notation and with those that aren't familiar yet with musical notation.

Smiling child with VI and complex needs holds a switch

Presented by Louisa Maddison | 4 minutes

Young people with Multiple Disabilities and Vision Impairment (MDVI) require effective support in order to engage with sound as a musical activity in it’s own right, as well as enabling them to use sound to facilitate development in other areas such as language and movement.