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    Habilitation specialist guides a young person with vision impairment along the street

    In this free course you will be encouraged to evaluate how you currently teach (and assist) safe travel skills to children and young people with a vision impairment.

    The course is designed to use participants’ knowledge of ‘sighted guide’ and ‘pre-cane’ skills to look at the rationale behind using them with blind and partially sighted children and young people.

    The emphasis of the course is to increase the participants’ knowledge and understanding of the techniques, exploring the reasons behind them and demonstrating how they are used.

    We will be looking at ways of promoting self-esteem of any child or young person with vision impairment and showing how good, consistent and confident use of early travel skills relate to overall mobility independence later in life.

    Delivering these early skills at the appropriate stage of readiness is crucial. Though we want to avoid dependence and promote independence, entrusting children with the responsibility for their own well-being and safety has to be handled carefully. If there is too much challenge too soon, confidence and progress can be adversely affected. Knowing when to prompt, when to support and when to leave the child to work it out for themselves is vital to their learning and this comes from knowing the child well.

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    Dates and Times

    • Thurs 13th June 2019, 09:30am to 15:30pm - FULLY BOOKED


    • Royal Blind School, 43 Canaan Lane, Edinburgh EH10 4SG


    • Nancy Pinkerton, Paul Taylor and Angie Bisson, Habilitation Specialists, Royal Blind School