1. Technology and Braille

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Resource developed by Additional Support for Learning, Edinburgh

Angus gives us a run through of all the technology he uses at school.


Do you want to tell us about all the technology you use in school? Ok so this is just a quick run through of which technology I use. I use an ipad for reading. I do notes on the ipad and that connects with a thing called Bluetooth to a braille machine called a braillenote. Braillenote is actually just an electronic brailler but not like the old school Perkins one. The braillenote is much fancier and there’s shortcuts. You can even record memos on the braillenote and you can have calendar which the braillenote calls planner. Now the planner has just been recent for about two weeks now. Its now, the planner is my diary and is a really cool thing. The diary, we used to have a paper diary which is kind of old school like all my friends but now we use planner on the braillenote. I’ve written things in it almost every single day. Not every single day but most of the days. Like Maths homework, drum practise, trumpet practise and any bits and pieces that I need to do when I get home that night.

If you prefer, you can watch the whole video on vimeo (opens in new window).