Visual Impairment Glossary

Vision impairment and blindness, its causes, and assistive resources come with a huge range of terminology. Browse our glossary to learn the meanings of these terms. 

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Tacti-Mark is a liquid plastic that sets hard. It can be used as a teaching aid for writing letters, numbers, drawing pictures or outlining maps. It is useful for marking controls on cookers, washing machines, thermostats etc.

Tactile Markers

Added to braille labelling, you can add tactile markers to identify objects or areas. These may be in the form of tactile stickers, liquid plastic which sets hard, or anything that feels different to touch.


Activities involving braille patterns or raised lines and shapes to build skills necessary for reading braille print. Tracking encourages systematic exploration and searching for information on a page. It develops fine finer tactile sensitivity and discrimination skills.


Changing normal print materials into accessible formats for example; large print, digital audio, electronic text, braille, and images (tactile and large print).