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Latest update

As part of the development of our Royal Blind Learning provision, we are re-developing our online services and content.

To do this, we will be decommissioning our current Learning Hub service, with effect from 15 July. Learning resources will be transferred to our new Royal Blind website which we expect to launch in October 2020.

Our new Learning provision will enable us to reach out and support many more of the growing number of people in Scotland with visual impairment, including pupils with visual impairment within mainstream educational settings.

We are already working in successful partnership with East Lothian Council and Orkney Island Council, supporting staff teams who have pupils with visual impairment, and as part of our new provision we are committed to continuing and expanding this outreach offering.

In addition to this, we will be offering a comprehensive range of resources on our new website.

If you would like to keep in touch with us and find out about our new website when it is launched, please subscribe to our Royal Blind e-newsletter here.

What is the Royal Blind Learning Hub? 

Sally Paterson, Learning Hub ManagerRoyal Blind's Learning Hub provides teacher training, educational resources, advice and workshops to teachers and other education professionals working with vision impaired children and young people. 

We offer support through:

We aim to support teachers, classroom support staff and learning assistants who work with vision impaired pupils in mainstream and independent schools.

Our support aims to complement services provided by local authorities

The resources on this website are designed for teachers working in mainstream schools that have vision impaired students in their classroom. They can also be useful for those involved in informal and community education, as well as parents and carers of vision impaired people. 

Our seminars are run across Scotland. Our face-to-face support to teachers is primarily for the education sector in Scotland, although we can at times support those further afield as well. 

About Our Staff

Sally Paterson is our Learning Hub Manager and is a Qualified Teacher of the Vision Impaired (QTVI). Sally has spent 23 years in teaching, the last decade of which has been with blind and partially sighted pupils. Most recently Sally worked as a teacher within a dedicated vision impairment local authority service.  

Sally works with teachers in the Royal Blind School to share their expertise of working with vision impaired pupils with other educators.

Contact Us

We value your input into the development of our service.

Call us on 0131 446 3128

Or use our contact form if you would like our support and to make suggestions for online resources to be added to this site. This website is in its infancy and we welcome your views into what materials will be useful to share on it.

Website Accessibility

We strive to make our website, projects and facilities as accessible as possible and your feedback is always welcome to help us improve your experience.

Read our Accessibility Statement.

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