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Perkins Brailler

For a new or young Braille user, or those supporting them, it can be difficult to remember all the steps in the correct order and this can sometimes lead to frustration. 

The following steps are key to loading a Brailler correctly:

1. Turn both feeder knobs away from you so they won’t turn anymore
2. Make sure the embossing head is tight against the left hand side of the Brailler 
3. Pull the paper release towards you ( for younger children can say ‘remember to open the gates’  or whatever encourages them to remember the process)
4. Slide paper horizontally over the paper support bar and stripper plate
5. Slide paper to the left until it stops 
6. Push paper release away from you/ close the gates
7. Roll the paper feed knobs towards you until it stops
8. Press the line spacer once to set the paper

To remove the paper:

1. Turn the feed knobs away so they no longer turn
2. Move paper release / gates towards you
3. Remove paper carefully, don’t pull it out

If the paper starts to get ‘chewed up’ check:

1. That the feed knobs are turned completely away
2. The paper is right against the left paper stop
3. Roll paper more slowly

Once the paper is in you can position your fingers ready to Braille: 

1. Position the middle three fingers of each hand on the keys
2. Left hand starting with index finger is  DOTS 1 2 3
3. Right hand starting with the index finger is DOTS  4 5 6

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