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Chopping a chorizo sausage

The video How to Make a Sandwich shows basic Independent Living Skills (i.e. spreading, grating, cutting as well as using a toaster) that young people with vision impairments can acquire in order to help them achieve a level of independence. Although total independence is the goal for young people with vision impairments, some, like the young person in this video have additional needs as well as a vision impairment which requires appropriate modification of the tasks.

The skills shown include spreading using the back of a spoon but a butter knife can also be used for those who are more able. The young person requires prompting and encouragement and use of hand-over-hand method (i.e. teacher/carer’s hand is supporting and guiding the young person’s hand). Young people with single disability vision impairment may only require verbal instructions in order to complete this activity. The best and most effective way to reinforce these and other cooking skills is to provide opportunities for the young person to practice.

Sewing on a Button

This video is a perfect example of how, with a little concentration, a young person with vision impairment can learn to sew on a button. The young person “trails down” along the thread from the end of the needle to the base to locate where they are with their sewing. They then feel the previous stitch/hole of the button and then place the needle in another hole in the button or beside the previous stitch. They must always remember the needle goes back into the same side it has been pulled from.

(A similar method can also be used when ironing. The young person follows the flex along from the plug to the handle of the iron to lift it and begin ironing).

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