Tips for Ironing Safely for the Vision Impaired (Video)

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Presented by Home Economics, Royal Blind School

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Clothing care is an important life skill that may be over-looked when young people with a visual impairment are growing up. In this video a visually impaired pupil demonstrate how to iron safely. It is important to add that this video demonstrates ironing based on using only the equipment most people have at home, on holiday or at university. You may also want to practice first with a cold iron.

If you iron with your left hand, the board should be positioned with the plate to the left while the flex/cord is plugged in behind you. Place the iron onto the plate, then trail along the cord to the plug. With switch off, plug in the iron then switch on.

When positioning clothing on the iorning board make sure the part you wish to iron first is closest to you.

With thumbs together, place your hands flat in the middle of the garment. Smooth out to the side. This has two functions: 1. It helps to smooth out your garments so you're not ironing in more wrinkles. 2. Hands act as a guide. The garment is hot where you have ironed. and cold indicating areas needing ironing. This process also acts as a guide to indicate size (width and depth) of the garment.

When ready to iron trail along the cord with your hand to locate the handle of the iron. This prevents a visually impaired person from accidently placing their hand on the iron's hot plate.

Iron the garment using small strokes moving from one side to the other. While ironing, the other hand is used as a guide to secure your garment. Always be aware of the distance of the free hand and the heat of the iron.

When one area is ironed, place the iron on the plate by locating it with your other hand. Or by positioning the iron with front tilted up and placing it on the plate then moving it back and forth gently, so that you can feel when it is rested securely.

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